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Professional Image Scanners
about Interior Design and Decoration
In recent years, as the real estate in Taiwan is booming, the needs for interior design and decoration also increase and popularize. Benefited from the flourishing of IT business and convenience of internets, design companies can provide customers more varieties of design concepts to select. By the help of internet, people can get the pictures or graphs about the interior design, deco ideas and deco materials.

Not like before when the designers needed to carry heavy and thick magazines, books, catalogs or samples of deco materials in order to display them in front of customers, nowadays designers only need to scan these pictures by Microtek scanners, such as ScanMaker 9800XL and FileScan 1600XL, and save them in a notebook and then bring it to do the presentation in front of customers.
Application Products
XT6060 is an A3-sized flatbed scanner. It is equipped with a CCD sensor,...more
Switchable Light source creates 3D Effect Microtek's LS-3800 is a flat and...more
Microtek’s LS-3700 is a flat and large-format scanner which supports a scanning...more
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