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Microtek developed a series of software productions, including drivers and application software. By pairing with the powerful features provided by our software, our hardware products can become better and more outstanding!
Myriad Pro Semibold+Light,18pt,#000000+#999999
DocWizard is document capture and management software exclusively develope...mais
MiBio bundled with Microtek’s bio-scanners, is an easy-to-use sof...mais
MiDMS is document management software exclusively designed and developed by Mic...mais
ScanPotter is first suite of software designed by Microtek for document im...mais
Microtek’s “ScanWizard Bio” is the software specif...mais
ScanWizard DI is software exclusively designed by Microtek for document im...mais
ScanWizard EZ is simple but also powerful software which is exclusively de...mais
Microtek’s “ScanWizard Industry” is the software s...mais
Microtek’s “ScanWizard Medi” is the software speci...mais
ScanWizard Pro is image-capturing software exclusively designed by Microte...mais
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