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about Integrating Architecture Proje
Before a construction project can be accomplished, it is usually modified and corrected in thousands of times. Therefore, the blueprint for the project should be modified and changed based on the need. In the construction site, because of the bad environmental conditions, the state of the paper blueprint can be damaged easily. In order to preserve these valuable and numerous blueprints for a long period of time and then to manage them properly, it will be a good way to digitize these blueprints into electronic files and build up a database system of them.

At this moment, if adopting Microtek’s scanners, for example, XT-3300 and ArtixScan DI 2020, together with the patented file management system, users can preserve these electronic files easily. Besides, there are several added advantages, such as the easiness of the data backup and modification. By a proper security management, the administrator can assign a department or an individual different authority to access the database and to review the blueprints. In addition, the well-categorized database enables a user to find out the blueprint and its related information easily in a very short time, which enhances his or her efficiency.
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