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about Integrating Run Cards
In a real and nowadays production line, in order to bring out the maximum production capacity, there usually involve many manufacturing lines, run cards, workstations, and other complicate factors. In a factory site, people always use paper forms to record the detail situation of each production line, and as time goes by, these records accumulate enormously. Therefore, if people can transfer these paper data into electronic files, it will become easier and more convenient to follow and monitor the situation of every run card and workstation.

By using Microtek’s scanners, such as XT-3300, ArtixScan DI 2015c, and ArtixScan DI 8040c and barcode recognition technology, users can transfer paper run cards into electronic files and later, they can fast and systematically check and monitor the importation information, for example, the achieved rate of schedules, manufacturing time, and the status of each workstation and workers for each run card.
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