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about Integrating Delivery Receipts
In recent years, “Otaku Economy” (Stay-at-home Economy) has accelerated and become mature, which changed people’s habits of consumption obviously. However, when people tend to stay at home and to consume on lines, how can they get these goods smoothly? Generally speaking, customers still receive the delivering service from shipping companies. Shipping companies track the status of every shipment by paper delivery receipts. If shipping companies can digitize and transfer these paper receipts into electronic image files, they are able to improve the quality and speed of their services.

When a commodity is delivered, the flowchart will start from the sender, pass through the departure location, transfer location, and arrival location, and finally reach the recipient. By the help of electronic image files of delivery receipts, customers can track the status of shipments completely. For companies, electronic image files of delivery receipts enhance working efficiency greatly for logistic staffs, for they may get thousands of parcels or packages in a day, and it is a heavy burden and costs them a lot of time to check these inventories of commodities. Sometimes, they may even make mistakes of getting wrong numbers of received commodities.

If they can adopt Microte’s scanners, such as ArtixScan DI 3010c and ArtixScan DI 8040c, together with the unique barcode recognition technology, they can digitize these delivery receipts into electronic files and create a win-win situation for both of them and customers.
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