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about Digitizing Accounting Vouchers
From international enterprises to local businesses, there come amounts of accounting vouchers every day. If these companies cannot manage these piles of data properly, as time goes by and more and more data accumulate, they will not be able to direct the net capitals with full controls which may damage the operations of business invisibly. Also, how to preserve these files of data for a long time will become a serious issue.

By the help of Microtek’s scanners, for example, ArtixScan DI 2125c and ArtixScan DI 3130c, users can transfer paper tables, charts and forms into electronic image files. For better of all, using together with Microtek’s Document Management System (DMS), they can formulate and change these image files to various document formats, such as Microsoft Office Word, PDF, TXT and so on.

Later, they can manage these files appropriately and completely based on their own needs. If doing so, users can eliminate limits of time and space and thus they are able to review and check information at any time and any place which they prefer.
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